Reading has so many benefits! It can help to reduce stress, help with sleep, increase self-esteem and unlock countless emotional and intellectual adventures.

In fact, 10 things that reading is fabulous for are listed below:

  1. Mental stimulation
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Knowledge gains
  4. Vocabulary expansion
  5. Memory improvement
  6. Stronger analytical thinking skills
  7. Improved focus and concentration
  8. Better writing skills
  9. Tranquillity
  10. Free entertainment!

Through this website, it is hoped that we can help families enjoy exploring a text together and see how many of the above checklist you can start to tick off!


You will find regularly published texts, from a variety of sources, including: sports pages in the newspapers; sneak-peek extracts from a plethora of published (and yet-to-be-published) books; BBC Planet Earth articles; and many, many more. Each will come with its own range of questions and discussion points for you and your family to dig deeper into the text with together.


We hope you enjoy Ipsley Reads!