Ash and his Pokemon




If you’re anything like the children in my class, you will love Pokémon. And if you’re anything like me… you’ll know zipidedoodah about Pokémon! They were actually launched when I was a little girl- oodles of years ago- and it looks like they’ve continued to be successful until today.

Have a read of these extracts below and see if you can figure out the answers to the questions at the end! (I apologise this week about the quality of the text- it’s a tad unclear in places.)


Ash cropped 1.png


Why is the Jet Badge described as ‘coveted’? What does this word mean?

Why did the Hawlucha want to spend more time with Ash?

“The battle was so heated…” what does this saying mean?

True/false: the Pidove is the first Pokémon Ash ever meets.

How old is Ash?

He finds it hard to ‘see the world in anything but black and white’ what does this saying mean? What does this tell us about Ash’s character?

Give an alternative word for ‘arrogance’.

Can you find a word that is similar in meaning to ‘kind and thoughtful’?

Find a word that means ‘lives’.